Studio Location:
285 George St, Stewiacke, NS

B0N 2J0

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Limitless Dance Company
280 Monte Vista Rd, Enfield, NS B2T1H9

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Policies & Procedures 


For your child’s benefit and safety we request they have the following footwear:

Creative Movement- Black exercise slippers & Black tap shoes

Recreational Program- Jazz/Jazz Funk – black exercise slippers or black leather jazz shoes

                                       Ballet – Pink Leather ballet slippers

                                       Hip Hop – Indoor Sneakers

Pre Competitive -Black Leather Jazz shoes & ½ foot shoes

Dance Attire

For all classes with the exception of ballet: We ask all students to wear fitted, stretchy clothing that enables them to properly stretch, jump and allows the instructor to see alignment. Jeans, dresses, skirts and other restrictive clothing are not permitted. Limitless also requires that students have their hair pulled back and have appropriate foot wear for classes. Ballet – All ballet students must wear a black bodysuit and pink tights so alignment is visible. Ballet skirts are permitted.


If classes are cancelled due to weather (snow/ice storm, freezing rain, etc.) There will be a message on our voicemail at the office and a posting on our website indicating that classes are cancelled. We also send a message out to all members of our Facebook page. It is the parents/dancers responsibility to check our voicemail or Facebook page. On those days school is cancelled due to weather, dance class will not be cancelled unless road conditions remain unsafe. If classes are cancelled for any other reason (holidays, teacher illness, etc.) you will be notified by our Dance Season Calendar, by newsletter or by phone. 

If a student misses class, it is the students’ responsibility to catch up on missed choreography and lessons 


Two times throughout the year (December & May), we will use one week to make up any cancellations. As the Make-Up Week approaches, your child will receive a schedule for the classes that require make up during that week.


Limitless dance asks that you be on time when dropping off and picking up your children and please accompany them into the building. If a student is continuously late for class, or is being picked up late, we may ask for the withdrawal of that student. Instructors cannot be responsible for students before or after their scheduled class.


Changes in class times throughout the dance season rarely occur, however, Limitless Dance Company reserves the right to combine, cancel or change class times due to enrollment.


Regular attendance is an important part of succeeding in any dance class, be it Recreational, Creative Movement or Competitive. Poor attendance may result in students not being permitted to participate in events such as recitals and competitions. Limitless Dance Company reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student whose behavior is disruptive or jeopardizes the progress of other students.If your child is not returning at any time throughout the dance season, a parent or legal guardian must complete and sign a withdraw form (available upon request). The withdraw form must be received by Brittany Giddens PRIOR TO THE FIRST OF THE MONTH they are withdrawing from. Verbal notification and nonattendance are not considered automatic withdrawal.


Newsletters will be done electronically throughout the dance season to keep our dancers and parents informed about upcoming events or changes. All newsletters will be posted on our Facebook group as well as sent by e-mail to all parents of dancers. Parents and students are responsible for keeping up-to-date with newsletters. It is not the responsibility of Limitless dance company’s instructors or staff to contact students regarding newsletter information.


Registration fees are non-refundable and once a payment has been submitted there is a no refund policy. This includes class fees, costume fees, and event fees. Only in cases of extreme unforeseen conditions will refunds be given. Documentation may need to be provided. If classes are terminated by Limitless Dance Company for any reason then full refund will be offered.


Payments may be made at the studio by cheque, cash or money transfer during a scheduled registration day, or by mail (cheque only). When making a payment by cheque, please include the dancer’s first and last name in the memo area of the cheque so that we may credit the right account. Please make cheques out to Limitless Dance Company and there will be a returned cheque fee of $25.00. Any account holders with past due accounts will be contacted and have a late charge applied. If the account remains unpaid an official late dance tuition notice will be sent home and the dancer will not be permitted to attend class until the payment has been received.


Any photos, videos, recordings, taken by/on behalf of Limitless Dance Company, during class, rehearsals, photo shoots, performances, or events remain the sole property of Limitless Dance Company and may be used without compensation for promotional, educational, commercial, or instructional purposes and give permission to allow the use of such materials.

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