Registration for our 2020/2021 dance season is now open!

Please note, payment is not required until classes begin in September. 


2021/2022 Dance Season Schedule 

September 11th 2021 - May 12th 2022 

2021-2022 SCHEDULE (08-11-21).png

PLEASE NOTE: We have made some changes to the schedule to accommodate for our re-opening plan. We will continue to adhere to any protocols and restrictions that are put in place to keep us safe during these times. Information regarding this plan will be sent to each family before classes begin on September 11th, 2020. The following is our tentative schedule which is subject to change based on new and changing information.

Registration Instructions
1. Create an account with Dakiki (below) or Log In (below). 
2. Select "My Registration" in the toolbar on the left-hand side
3. Scroll through the available classes until you find the one you are looking for. Click "Select" then add your child and save at the bottom. SCHOOL CODE: JFBSML
4. The class or classes you selected will then appear at the top of your registration page. If the classes are correct proceed by clicking "Go To Summary" 
5. Scroll down to see your class or classes and then select "Submit Classes for Review"
6. Please read through the wavers and sign on the bottom and then select "Next" 
7. Your registration is complete when a new page opens - "Thank You! You're done! 
8. We will be in touch to discuss which payment option works best for your family. Payments are not required until classes begin in September. 

Please contact us at for information or to register for the competitive team.