Recreational Program

     Tuition & Fees

Limitless Dance Company will have two sessions:
Session 1 = September – December (12 weeks)
Session 2 = January – May (15 weeks), for a total of 27 weeks.


We have several payment options including total upfront (10% discount off tuition), by session (2 payments), or monthly (by credit card or post-dated cheque). 

The price below for each option includes the registration fee, costume fee, and tuition for the year.

Pricing for 5-7 year old dancers

(45 minute programs)

Option 1: Total Upfront - $328.00 plus HST

Option 2: Session 1 - $150.00 plus HST

                  Session 2 - $205.00 plus HST

Option 3: Monthly  - $39.45 plus HST

Pricing for 8-13 year old dancers

(60 minute programs)

Option 1: Total Upfront - $352.30 plus HST

Option 2: Session 1 - $162.00 plus HST

                  Session 2 - $220.00 plus HST

Option 3: Monthly  - $42.45 plus HST

     The recreational program is designed for our 5-year-old to teen dancers who are looking to explore the world of dance. Students will learn techniques of their chosen dance style throughout the year. Combinations, routines, and technical work are used to allow students to develop at their own pace. Students will learn a dance routine that will be performed in our year-end recital at the end of the dance season. The dance styles offered in this program are:

    Jazz - This style is upbeat and energetic while focusing on specific technique and flexibility.     


    Tap - A fun style of dance that combines

technique with rhythm, timing & coordination. 


    Hip Hop - An urban street dance style that incorporates many styles including breaking, popping, locking & freestyling. 


    Acro - A combination of both dance and gymnastics. This style combines dance techniques with acrobatic elements into a fluid dance routine. *A Jazz class is recommended.*


    Ballet - A classical dance form backed by a strong technique and structure. Ballet techniques carry over into several other dance styles. 


Studio Location:
285 George St, Stewiacke, NS

B0N 2J0

Mailing Address:
Limitless Dance Company
280 Monte Vista Rd, Enfield, NS B2T1H9

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